Zendaya & Tom Holland Grabbed Date Night Thai Day Before Going Public

Kurz before Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen smooching around in a car, the entire world was able to see them. They were apparently having a meal on what appears to have been a date... and TMZ has the photos.These are some photos we took of Spider-Man & MJ in action just five days ago. They were at a Thai restaurant near Universal Studios, on the outskirts Central L.A., for a late-night snack during the week.Eyewitnesses have learned that the couple, who were announced Friday after photos of a steamy makeout session from Thursday surfaced, arrived at the venue around 9:15... each wearing masks which they removed once they were seated in front of what seemed to be an empty dining room.They were trying to keep a low profile, but it worked out well for them. They were still spotted by the few people who were there. It seems that the cat was nearly out of the bag which may have led to their loose lips the next day.It was rumored Tom & Zen were an item, but it is now official that the comic book movie chemistry we all saw in the last two flicks has been confirmed. Shippers rejoice!However, we don't know what they ate during their outing. They also didn't appear to show any signs of PDA at the restaurant, but it was clear that they were engaged in stimulating conversation. This can be seen by Zendaya's large hand gestures and Tom looking focused on his boo.Perhaps they were talking about how amazing it would be for the world to finally realize that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire both appear in the multiverse sequel later this year... and that Tobey hits Tom wit an Uncle Ben reference that causes waterworks.