Seth Rogen Shares Hilarious Story About Paul Rudd Giving Him a Massage

Paul Rudd once gave Seth Rogen massages -- which may sound silly... but it's hilarious. Seth shared the details to great fanfare. On Monday, the actor/director shared a hilarious story on Twitter. He told the story of how his friend, Paul, disguised himself as a masseuse at the parlor Seth was attending... something he didn’t realize until the end of the back rub. I had a massage at a spa in Vegas once. Paul Rudd was massaging my back when I was done. He saw me enter and convinced the masseuse that he would take over, believing I would notice. Paul took care of the rest. I didn't notice. Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen), July 5, 2021 @Sethrogen Seth writes, "Once I was at the spa in a Vegas hotel getting a massage." Paul Rudd was massaging my back when I was done. He continues to explain how PR could have slipped into this scenario. Paul took care of the rest. It sounds like something Paul Rudd would do on film, but it's actually something he would pull in real life. It's very much in his brand (and perhaps for Seth). It would be remiss of me not to mention that the two men have a long history with massage/beauty parlors -- perhaps most famously from "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," when they saw Steve Carell getting his chest hair trimmed, which was a lot of real.


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