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Best Roku Android Central 2021 You've found the best Roku streaming devices. There are many streaming products available from Roku that are easy to set up and use. With devices compatible with smart TVs, and those with older TVs, you can access thousands of TV shows and movies. We love Roku devices, and we have selected our top picks in several categories. Our favorite however is the Roku Ultra. Source: Android Central Roku Ultra is the company’s premium streaming set top box. You'd expect it to have all the top-end specs, including 4K UHD, HDR and support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision. The Roku brand has added usability features like the Lost Remote Finder. You can press a button to locate the remote next time it slips between your couch cushions. Roku Ultra comes with premium JBL headphones and a headphone jack built into the remote. You can navigate the interface and search for programming with the built-in Roku assistant. Although it is not hands-free, you can still use Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant. Roku enthusiasts are Roku lovers because they allow content from many services to be loaded onto their devices. The Ultra streamer is the only one that can expand storage via a USB port, making it a more customizable product than the rest. You can also customize the function of two buttons on the Ultra's latest version. It's flexible! The pros: Less expensive than comparable boxes For "night listening", built-in headphones Remote finder lost Uses Alexa and Google Assistant Smart voice assistants are hands-free Roku Ultra Jack is the best overall Roku streaming device The Roku Ultra Jack is the best value, with its high-end performance as well as additional features that enhance the user experience. Amazon: $85 Walmart: $100 Roku Streaming Stick+ is the best value streaming device for Roku Source: Roku Roku, like many other categories, was the first to bring streaming technology downmarket, from expensive, fancy boxes to simple streaming sticks. There are many streaming sticks available on the market, including the Most Affordable choice at the bottom of this list. However, Roku believes there is still room for the best-performing sticks at the top end. The price is a good value considering what you get. The Streaming Stick+ looks like a Juul and plugs into your TV's HDMI port. It can be hidden away from view. Its small size shouldn't fool you. You can enjoy your favorite content from all your favorite services at the best quality with this device. It supports HD, 4K and HDR. The device also supports long-range wireless and includes Roku's beloved smart controller. Although you won't be able to get Ultra features like the remote finder and the headphone jack at an extra cost, these omissions are worth it. The pros: Access to 4k, UHD and HDR streaming at an affordable price You can keep it hidden away to ensure distraction-free viewing Advanced wireless receiver cons: Does not support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision It doesn't include a remote finder, or a headphone jack TCL 6 Series is the best smart Roku streaming TV Source: TCL Although it may sound repetitive, Roku was one of the first TV manufacturers to sign deals to allow Roku OS to be installed on smart TVs. Although many TV manufacturers shipped TVs with their proprietary smart software, they have not been able to make a profit. The manufacturers who collaborate with Amazon and Roku have seen a greater response from the market over the years. They can bring smarter TV operating systems to smart TVs at a lower cost and are more refined. Roku has partnerships across multiple manufacturers for hundreds of Roku SmartTVs. These include Sharp, JVC and Philips. We have had good experiences with the TCL 6 Series Roku smart TVs. This is also a product that Amazon reviewers and critics alike praise. There are three versions of the TCL 6 series: 55, 65 and 75 inches. The screen is 4K, UHD MINI LED QLED and supports Dolby Vision. It also includes all the ports and accessories that you would expect. Roku can be used to voice search, or you can connect Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to the device. The pros: A larger 4K UHD screen at a competitive price Support for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Pros: Screen banding complaints are common Roku is basically your forced interface Roku Streambar Pro is the best multipurpose Roku streaming device. Roku Roku recently felt pressure from other device makers to expand its ecosystem and product offerings, beyond streaming sticks, boxes and TVs, as well as into speakers. It introduced its first speaker product, Roku TV Wireless Speakers. In 2020, it added the Roku Wireless Subwoofer to the mix and the Roku Smart Soundbar. It rebranded its Smart Soundbar into the Roku Streambar Pro in 2021. The Roku Streambar Pro combines all the streaming player's goodies with incredible sound integrations. To enhance the sound quality, the Streambar Pro can be paired with the Wireless Subwoofer. The new Roku Streambar Pro works with all brand's TV Wireless speakers, unlike the Smart Soundbar. The Streambar Pro includes the Roku voice remote with Google Assistant integration. This allows you to control your TV, streaming and sound from one device. You can use it as a Bluetooth speaker to stream music from the Roku's many music channels or from your smartphone. Pros: You get two devices in one Can be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker Compatible with Roku TV Wireless Speakers Roku streaming device with the highest price Roku Streambar Pro Roku expands Another example of Roku blazing a new path. It's a simple interface that fans love and is already a hit. Amazon: $150 Best Buy $150 $150 at B&H Roku TV Wireless Speakers are the best Roku streaming speakers Source: Android Central These speakers are affordable and deliver amazing sound. These speakers come as a pair of stereo speakers and are very easy to set up. You can adjust volume and sound settings independently of your viewing experience with the Roku Touch remote. You can also stream your favorite audio to any Bluetooth device via Bluetooth streaming. The only problem with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers was their inability to be paired with Roku Smart Soundbar. However, they are now compatible with the new Streambar Pro. The TV Wireless Speakers can be paired with the Roku Wireless Subwoofer, another new accessory for audio. Roku is poised to become a major player in the home theater market with its expanding audio range. The pros: High quality sound at an affordable price Included: TV remote and speaker remotes Pairs with Roku Streambar PRO Cons: Will not work with other ecosystems Mounting accessories might be necessary Roku TV Wireless Speakers Best Roku streaming speaker Roku TV Wireless Speakers Talk to me Roku's latest line of TV Wireless speakers brings high-quality audio to your viewing experience with an easy-to set-up package. $150 at B&H Roku Express 4K+ is the most affordable streaming device. Source: Rokue. The Roku Express 4K+ streaming device was launched in 2021 and retains the same great design and excellent starter price as the Roku Express. This new design should help the Express blend in with any TV attached to it. Roku claims that the Express's USB ports can be used to power the device even without the need to plug into a power source. The original Roku Express was capable of streaming HD content, but the new Roku Express4K+ can stream HD, 4K and HDR content. The new Roku Express 4K+ has a faster processor, dual-band Wi Fi support, and an upgraded voice control. The upgraded Roku voice remote lets you navigate streaming services and control volume and power from one device. Roku calls the Express 4K+ "the most affordable way of streaming in 4K," and they are right. It is easy to set-up, making it an excellent choice for new streamers. For experienced streamers looking to add a high quality, affordable streaming device to any room that has a TV, a Roku Express4K+ or more is a good choice. The price is great for what you get. Streams HD, 4K and HDR content Upgraded Voice Remote Cons: No DolbyVision HDR support Wi-Fi performance could have been better Roku Express 4K+ is the most affordable Roku streaming device. What are you waiting for? Roku Express 4K+ streaming device is extremely affordable and easy to use. This allows you to save money on other home entertainment projects. Amazon: $29 Best Buy: $40 Walmart: $29


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