Morbid Custom Magic 8-Ball Reveals How You're Going to Die

The indecisive have relied on Abe Bookman's Magic 8-Ball since 1946 to guide their life decisions. But, there is one question that the toy hasn't been able answer: How someone will die. Stuart Gorman invented the Tragic-8-Ball, which instead shows a person's death. Advertisement The Magic 8-Ball does not have magic powers, despite the claims made in the product's name. You will find the icosahedron-shaped die inside. The die is covered with pre-printed answers. These answers appear randomly as the die floats towards the windowed opening of an inverted ball. Gorman's 8-Ball is a 3D-printed, oversized billiard-ball that has been modified to include a skull and crossbones. This was similar to DJ Harrigans Magic GIF Ball. Gorman contained an Arduino Nano board, a lithium-ion batteries, and three mercury-filled tilt switches. These switches only provide power when the Tragic Fate ball is upside down. This not only prolongs the battery life of the ball, but it also means that the screen will only light up when the Tragic Fate Ball is turned upside-down. Can the Tragic Fate ball predict when a person will die. We hope so. The currently installed CODs include Frozen Rubiks Cube, Running With Scissors and Frozen Carrot Shiva. These all sound awful. While we appreciate your efforts, a simple warning screen, such as "Ignorance is bliss", would be appreciated.


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