Review: United Club Los Angeles (LAX)

Dear readers, certain links on this website pay us referral fees to send business and sales. We value your time, money, and will not waste them. Click here to see our entire advertising policy. This page does not contain any company content. These companies have not reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed the content. These opinions are solely the author's.Although it is my home airport lounge, I admit to a preference for it. However, the United Club at LAX is among the best in the United System. This review includes a new update on food service and beverages.Review of United Club LAXAccess + HoursThe United Club at LAX can be found in Terminal 7 at gate 71A. It is open daily during the pandemic from 5:45AM until 6:30PM. Normal hours are from 4:30AM to 12:00AM.Untied Club members, Chase United Club visa holders, Star Alliance Gold travellers, business class travelers flying to Newark with United's premium transcontinental service and international first or business class passengers travelling on any Star Alliance flight are eligible for access. Chase also offers one-time passes that can be purchased for $59. You can only use the lounge if you are traveling with an international itinerary and have a Star Alliance Gold card (Premier Gold) from United Airlines. Star Gold cards from other programs are also eligible to use the lounge for Star Alliance flights in any class. You should also note that United does NOT allow premium cabin passengers access to domestic flights with the exception of the transcontinental premium route.SeatingThe lounge is located on the ground floor. An agent will check you in. You will then take the elevator upstairs to reach the lounge. There is ample space for everyone to spread out during the pandemic, with approximately 20,000 square feet. You can sit down or stand while you eat or work in the main seating area, which consists of rectangular tables and chairs.Natural light makes it even more beautifulThe lounge's dining and bar area is located further back. It is surrounded with additional seating, including booths and tables.The lounge has plenty of USB and power ports.The lounge's rear seating area is the quietest. This area is always available, even when it's crowded.TerraceMy opinion is that the outdoor terrace overlooking tarmac below is the highlight of the lounge. You can not only see the sunrise but also watch the planes fly by. Although you might hear a lot of noise from the jet fuel, it is quite peaceful out there.Food + DrinkA special post was dedicated to what you can expect during the pandemic. But we have now (thankfully) reached that point. Although food selection is limited, there is a greater variety of foods available now than it was earlier in the year.Once empty, the buffet is now full. You can now order food and non-alcoholic beverages at your own pace.There are currently several breakfast options available:CroissantsMuffinsBagelsBiscottiFreshly cut fruitHardboiled eggsOvernight oats and blueberryGreek yogurtBreakfast burritosJimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches (sausages, eggs, and cheese on a biscuit).CerealOatmealYou have the option of lunch or dinner at these locations:Potato chipsPretzelsBurritos (hot).Cole slawSandwichesSalad greenPita bread, olive spread, dried grapes, and dried apricotsString cheeseVegetable cruditsCookiesCheesecakeBrowniesPieThis is how the lounge looked prior to pandemic restrictions being lifted.Back then, the bar staff could have both food and drinks behind a plexiglass partition.Many delicious meals have been served in the lounge over the years. The food selections at this lounge are generally above-average. They offer a variety of delicious meals, including Greek yogurt with berries, chia seeds, and Korean BBQ tacos.I don't expect the hot chocolate station and holiday egg nog to return this year. But, one can hope.Customer ServiceTickets can be arranged by customer service agents. They can be found upstairs, behind the escalators. The club's under-valued benefit is having an agent who doesn't have to wait in long lines during irregular operations. Although and United's mobile app can handle most rebooking, you will need to talk to an agent in person if you have a more complex request or want to book on another airline.Phone RoomsA number of rooms are located around the corner from customer service agents. These rooms can be used as private offices or mini cubicles. During his 2016 first visit to the lounge, my son lounged on the floor (sorry germaphobes).Nursing RoomThe last room on the phone is for nursing purposes. This is not a place to chat on a cell phone.ToiletsAlthough the bathrooms are spacious and clean, I hate the fact that they don't have automatic flushers.Wi-FiUnited deserves praise for providing fast wi-fi access in their lounge. You can expect speeds up to 100Mbps.What would you like to see?This lounge is missing one thing, and it would make it significantly more appealing in my humble opinion. United chose not to install showers within this lounge as it knew that it would install suites of showers in the Polaris Lounge. United actually removed showers from clubs in Houston and Newark. This is both curious and disappointing. Although it's an additional cost, there is nothing better than a shower after a redeye plane flight. I wish United offered showers in its clubs, like Delta and American.Second, while espresso machines are great, it would be wonderful to have a real machine behind the bar to train bartenders as baristas. They could surely make great coffee in no time. It would be a real value-add to me.One can have a dreamServiceLet me end by expressing my gratitude to the staff at this lounge. Over the years I have had the pleasure of interacting with many agents. The lounge staff, both United employees and Sodexo service workers, has been a delight to me. Bruce, who has been with United for over 45 years and is an integral part of the LAX United Club, deserves a special mention.I enjoy chatting with him and will always remember how he saved my trip in 2013, when I was traveling from San Francisco to Singapore via San Francisco. Rolling delays on my SFO flight almost cost me the trip. Bruce reached out Singapore Airlines in SFO to ensure that the flight didn't miss us, even though it should.CONCLUSIONThis is one of my favourite United Clubs because of the natural light and terrace. Although I miss the pre-pandemic food options and drinks, they will be back one day. 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