Four More Bodies Have Been Found After The Standing Tower In Surfside Was Demolished

Surfside, Florida has four more bodies found after Champlain Towers South was destroyed Sunday night. Rescuers now have access to new areas.This brings the death toll to 28, following the collapse of the condo building 12 days ago. Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade Mayor, stated Monday that 117 people are still unaccounted for.The collapse claimed nearly half of the 136 apartments in the building. Cava said that the rubble was holding up some of what was left, making it difficult for rescuers searching that area.The tower's standing portion was demolished in controlled demolition on Sunday, at 10:30 p.m. Cava stated that teams were able resume their search at 1 a.m.Cava stated, "The demolition was not a decision I took lightly.""The teams are currently working on the part of the pile that is not accessible as we speak."Officials said Monday morning that three more bodies had been discovered in the area. A fourth victim was confirmed later that day.Residents were concerned that their pets might still be alive in the demolished tower. NBC 6 reported that residents had filed a motion to delay demolition. One resident stated they would be willing to search the building themselves. The request was denied by a judge.Cava stated that rescue teams took "every action possible" to find pets before the demolition. Cava stated that rescuers looked under beds and in closets for potential hiding places. Thermal imaging, drones and traps were also used in other areas.Cava stated, "I want to make it clear and encourage our community to see that we took every step possible, even at great risk to first responders, in order to ensure that all the beloved pets that were family members were removed from the building before demolition."Continue the storyThe city also provided an update on Tropical storm Elsa, which is expected to hit Florida's west coast next week. It is expected to bring rain and wind to the region, as well as the possibility of flooding in South Florida and tornadoes.Cava stated that the search would continue until winds exceed 30 mph and lightning are not present.She stated, "Obviously, it's harder the longer we go,"Surfside Collapse