Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Matiss Kivlenieks dead after firework blast to chest

Matiss Kivlenieks from the Columbus Blue Jackets Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images Matiss Kivlenieks, Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender, was killed in an accident on the Fourth. Officials claim that the 24-year-old player was killed by a blast from a firework. According to police, Kivlenieks was at a Michigan house party at the time of the incident. For more stories, visit Insider's homepage. Officials said Monday that an "mortar-type" firework accidentally exploded into the goalie's chest at a house party in Michigan on Monday, causing him to die. After being called to a Michigan residence at 10:15 on Sunday, Matiss Kivlenieks (Coach Blue Jackets goaltender) was not responding, police said. According to police, Kivlenieks was taken to Ascension Providence Hospital. According to the Oakland County Medical Examiner, Kivlenieks died from "fireworks mortar blast chest trauma". The medical examiner ruled that Kivlenieks's death was accidental. Insider was told by Jason Meier, Novi Police Department Lieutenant that initial reports indicated that there had been a fireworks malfunction that caused a mortar-type mortar firework to tilt and strike Kivlenieks. Meier claimed that Kivlenieks was in the hot tub with others when a firework was fired over their heads. Meier stated that the group, which included Kivlenieks and others, tried to escape from the hot tub. However, another firework "exploded" hitting Kivlenieks just as he was getting out. Meier said that he died of internal injuries to his chest area. He called it a tragic accident. Initial reports by Meier stated that Kivlenieks fell from a hot tub and struck the pavement, which initially led police to believe that he had died of a head injury. Insider has the original article.


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