�I know I�m lucky�: 88 year old has tearful reunion with neighbour who carried her out of collapsing condo

Rescue workers believe there is little chance of finding survivors, as three more bodies were found Monday at the Champlain Towers wreckage (Getty Images). A Florida building collapse survivor aged 88 has cried with her rescuer. As Grandmother Esther Gorfinkle recounted the events last month, in which her Miami condo crashed, killing 24 and injuring scores, she wept. CNN reported that she was lying in bed in her Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside, when she heard the crash. She said that she heard a boom and felt her bed shake. Alfredo Lopez, her neighbour who lived on the second floor, was trying to escape the block with his family, when he saw Ms Gorfinkle struggling up the stairswell. Esther said to me that her knee was bothering and she wanted it to stop. I explained to her that she could not stop. Lopez lifted Lopez's neighbor over his shoulder, and carried him down many flights of stairs to the basement. Through tears, Ms Gorfinkle said that he had just picked me up. They discovered that they were still in danger when they arrived. They found that the garage ceiling had collapsed and that water had flooded the ground. There were also piles of rubble blocking their escape. His son and other residents helped Mr Lopez lift his neighbor out of the building to get him to safety on the shore. After discussing their narrow escape, Ms Gorfinkle and Mr Lopez were reunited days later. Esther said that you need to support each other during difficult times. I am very fortunate to be here with my family, and I know that Im lucky. 24 people were confirmed to have died in the accident. The rescue operation is continuing with 121 people. Continue reading Ex-governor Bellicose LePage starts a new run in Maine Miami building collapse: A surfside rescue worker says there is no chance of more survivors. Three more victims were found. Trump's spokeswoman shared an article calling his election fraud claims lies


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