Man who hanged himself in woods was minutes from death when a KY deputy saved him

One Kentucky deputy sheriff is being credited for saving the life of a young man who had committed suicide in the woods on Monday due to a mental illness.Perry County Deputy Paul Campbell discovered the young man hanging from trees minutes before his death. Sheriff Joe Engle posted the incident in a Facebook post. Campbell made the man stand on his stomach until a relative arrived with a knife.Engle reported that the suicidal man had fled into the woods behind the house. Campbell, who had survived cancer, responded to the scene but was unable to lift him up high enough to take him out.Engle wrote that Campbell saved his life and comforted him throughout the crisis, while they waited for help.Engle stated that he will award Campbell the Meritorious Service and Life Saving Awards for his heroic and life-saving actions that saved his life.These are the men who see and do the things they cannot unsee in order to keep the line thin for the citizens of this county, the sheriff wrote. Paul Campbell and all the other deputy who put on that uniform every day for this county are to be admired.Within hours of its posting Monday afternoon, the Facebook post from sheriffs departments had been shared 500 more times.