Can you imagine living to be 124 years old? This could be the maximum life expectancy for the year 2,100: according to study

July 5, 2021 3 minutes read This article was translated using AI technology from the Spanish edition. This process may cause errors. The University of Washington published a study in Demographic Reserch that shocked the scientific community. It found that people over 100 years old have increased in recent decades. This is almost half a million people around the globe. It also found that the future life expectancy will rise from 122 years to 124. Researchers believe that the age limit will increase steadily over the next century. Other scientists point out that basic cellular decline and diseases can lead to a natural limit on human life expectancy. The study's starting point is the question: What would be the longest life expectancy in the world for people born between the years 2,100 and 2100? The International Longevity Database was used by experts to solve the problem. It is a product of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. This article might interest you: A Modern Retirement Mindset: Create Meaning and Purpose With a 'Job Options' They tracked supercentenarians from ten European countries as well as Canada, Japan, and the United States. Then they used Bayesian statistics - a common tool in modern stats - to project the maximum age reported in these areas. . This is to determine the likelihood of living for more than 110 years, and how old you will be. Research concluded that for the next century, it is very probable that the current record for the maximum age (122 Years) will be updated. It is 99% likely that it will surpass it for 2 years more and 68% probable that it will reach 127. With a 13% chance of living to 130, 135 is unattainable. Would you like to live until the age of 127?


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