At least 140 people died in shootings across the US over Fourth of July weekend

This tweet by the Fort Worth Police shows Chief Neil Noakes holding a news conference at the scene of a shooting in Fort Worth, Texas, on Sunday, July 4, 2021. Police said that multiple guns were used in the shooting, which occurred near Fort Worth's car wash. Multiple victims were injured. Fort Worth Police Department/Associated Press The Gun Violence Archive gathered data on 375 shootings that occurred in the US during Fourth of July weekend. Between July 3rd and July 5th, 2021, at least 140 people were killed by gun violence. GVA had 18 mass shootings that left at least four victims. For more stories, visit Insider's homepage. Over Fourth of July weekend, America felt the return to mass shootings. Cities from Chicago to Fort Worth to Pennsylvania were gripped with gun violence. According to the Gun Violence Archive (a non-profit that tracks shootings across the country), there were 375 shootings in the US, 18 of which were mass shootings. The spike was a stark reminder that gun violence can return to normal as well. In the 15 months that have passed since the coronavirus pandemic was declared, the frequency of mass shootings has briefly declined. Schools, offices, and movie theatres also closed their doors. Experts warn of the possibility of a return to mass shootings if weapons that can kill quickly and in large numbers continue to be readily available. It is important to be clear that gun violence increased last year due to the pandemic. However, there were fewer mass killings. A clothing store owner in West Philadelphia had been holding a cookout when one or more gunmen opened fire on the crowd. The 23-year old store owner was killed along with another man. NBC Philadelphia reported that the shooting occurred while fireworks were being lit, making it difficult to determine where the bullets came from. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, 92 people were shot and 16 were killed in the most violent weekend in Chicago this year. Two people were shot and killed by a driver who drove past a group of children playing in a South Side park. The victim was a 12-year old girl and the injured were a thirteen-year-old boy. Although the definition of mass shootings varies from one source to another, the Gun Violence Archive defines it as an incident in which at least four people (not counting shooter) are killed in the same incident that took place in roughly the same location and time. Continue the story This means that at least 18 people were killed and 71 others were injured by 18 mass shootings during Independence Day weekend. The nonprofit reported that 26 mass shootings occurred last year during Fourth of July weekend. These are the details of all mass shootings that took place in the US during Fourth of July weekend. Date Location Address # Killed # Hurt July 3 Lancaster, PA 50 Block of W Orange St 0 July 3 Chadbourn NC Broadway Rd3 1 July3 Swainsboro, GA 229 S Main St 0 July 3 Chicago, IL 1000 Block of W 89th St 0 July 4 Fort Worth TX 3700 Dixon Ave 0 July 4 Dallas TX 8200 block Of Towns St 0 July 4 Dallas TX 38 N Menard Ave 0 July 5 Chicago, IL 39 North Menard Ave 0 July 5 Santa Rosa block of Beachwood Dr 0, OH 166 W Mehring Way2 3 July5 Toledo, OH Lawrence Ave 0 Wall St 0 July 5 Chicago, IL 6108 S Wabash Ave and Wall St 0 July 5 Chicago, IL Wabash Ave and Wall St 0 July 5 Chicago, 0 July 5 Chicago, 0 July 5 Chicago, 0 July 5 Chicago, IL Dixon Ave and Wall St 05 Chicago, 0 5 Chicago, IL Dixon Ave and Wall St 2 4 Source: Gun Violence Archive Insider has the original article.


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