WWE Rumors on Impact's Moose; Lana Shoots on Release; Nikki Cross Talks New Gimmick

Source: WWE.comBleacher Report brings you the most recent news from WWE Universe.WWE Eyes Impact Wrestling StarWWE had already released a number of new releases over the past months and was looking for ways to replenish its talent pool with Impact Wrestling.Per Fightful Select (h/t Eric Mutter, Wrestling Inc), WWE expressed interest to sign Moose after his contract expired earlier in the summer.Fightful Select reported that Moose could be promoted to the main roster rather than NXT if he signs with WWE.Moose resigned with Impact last month on a 2-year contract, but no deal was reached.Since his debut in Impact Wrestling in 2016, Moose is a star in the company. When TNA was made an official title, Moose was the first TNA World Champion.Recently, Moose was defeated in the Impact title world final by Kenny Omega at Against All Odds.Given Moose’s athletic background and size as a former NFL offensive lineman, he would have made a great fit for WWE based on what Vince McMahon likes in wrestlers.Because of McMahon's books, WWE can be difficult to break into. Moose, who has been a star in Impact for five year, headlined a pay per view against the best wrestlers in the world.Lana discusses WWE's ReleaseLana, one month after her release from WWE, appeared on Talk is Jericho to talk about what had happened.Lana informed Chris Jericho (h/t Jason Ounpraseuth, Wrestling Inc), that she received a call from John Laurinaitis. He is the WWE head of talent relations. She initially thought it was about an acting project.She said that she thought he was calling to ask me more details about the things we had been discussing the previous day. "I am calling you about your 90-days. I was like, Wait, what? He said, "Im calling about your 90-days." You were being released and I was standing next to a swimming pool. My heart dropped."After receiving the news, Ravishing Russian also added that Vince McMahon had sent her a message.Lana stated that he thanked her for her incredible work ethic, and for her unrelenting desire to be the best and make the most of the contributions she made to WWE. That really meant a lot. I also thanked him for all the lessons he'd taught me.Lana was one of six stars who were released on June 2nd. She began her career in NXT in 2013, as Rusev's manager, before joining the main roster in January 2014.Lana is not only a professional wrestler, but she has also acted in many movies and television shows.Lana did not say what her next career step would be, but she said that Lana would like a "no cut clause" because it was the worst.Nikki Cross explains Superhero GimmickAfter spending four years in a different role at WWE, Nikki Cross revealed a new gimmick called The Spirit on the June 21 Raw.Cross explained the character to WWE Espanols El WWE (h/t Marco Rovere) that she first formed the idea around the Royal Rumble, based on her love for superhero cartoons as a child."I would watch the X-Men cartoons, and the Spiderman cartoons. My goal was to create something that would inspire little boys and girls, and that also conveys a positive message. The message to me is that I don't have superpowers, I don't have super speed, strength or flying ability, so I believe you don't need superpowers in order to be a superhero.Cross stated that she wanted the costume to be as simple and plain as possible so that anyone can cosplay The Spirit.In the short-term, it seems that the change in character paid off. Cross and Alexa Biliss defeated Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and on Raw two weeks ago to reach the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.Cross had never been doing much before she altered her gimmick. Although she did make it to the women's Royal Rumble, which was on Jan. 31, Cross was not used on TV since October draft.Cross was most recently stuck in a bad storyline. She was being credited for countout wins over Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, even though she lost matches to both of these superstars before she earned the cheap victories.Ring Rust Radio has all the latest wrestling news. Watch the latest episode below. Warning: Some language may be NSFW.