What are you going to do for me, Mark J. Lindquist?

We were in trouble. People should now start running for office in small places like my 7th congressional district, where a Republican placeholder is currently our representative. We have a fresh, new face! Mark J. Lindquist has begun to prepare for the race for that office. He is enthusiastic and outgoing which is a great start.However, I believe he is doomed.It's all about Mark. It's a vanity page for Mark Lindquist. I learned that he was an Air Force analyst for the NSA. He has been a motivational speaker for Fortune 500 businesses since then and he aspires sing the National Anthem at Superbowl. I couldn't find any information about policy. This is an example of a rural area with many farmers who are Republican. What is his position on agriculture policies? Personaly, I'm a university professor and want to know his plans for education. It is not there! It says that he is reinventing American politicshow at the top of his website. What is he doing differently?His main goal is to sell books in order to finance his campaign and change American politics. It's not revolutionary.He would probably win my vote if he were the Democratic nominee. However, he will have to present a deeper policy vision to convince my Republican neighbors who are consistently more numerous than me here.