150 Algeria bathers sick after sea polluted: media

Credit: CC0 Public DomainNearly 150 people were admitted to hospital after swimming in the seawater in Tenes, northwestern Algeria, on Sunday. This was according to a regional official quoted by local media.According to reports, three beaches and a desalination facility were closed. An investigation was also launched in Chlef (a locality that includes Tenes), the reports stated.Lakhdar Seddas, a local government official, told Echourouk TV that "149 people experienced nausea and fever and redness in the eyes and were taken by ambulance to hospital".Seddas stated that approximately 50 people had left the hospital since then, and that they believed that polluted seawaters had made them sick.Ennahar Online identified the ship as the Tanzanian flagged Barhom II and stated that it had come from Sete, a southern French port.Reports also indicate that seven civil defense workers and 28 divers who were sent to investigate had become sick.Official statements stated that an Environment Ministry team had collected air and water samples at the port of Tenes and other locations.Further information about Virus cases aboard a docked Japan cruise vessel near 1502021 AFP