Oh no. Richard Lewontin has died

This is horrible news. His influence was profound on my personal thinking about biology. It is with deep sadness that I share the news I just heard. Richard Lewontin has died. He was in poor health, and he died three days after Mary Jane, his wife of many decades. His indelible marks on the field will be cherished and he will be deeply appreciated. Dmitri Petrov (@PetrovADmitri), July 4, 2021 If I could have my way, one of his books will be required reading in our introductory biology class (we choose books as a group so no, Im not in control). The only problem I would have is choosing which one. I have complete control over your reading habits, which I am happy to share with you (I don't want to know if it isn't), so I will command you to all go out and purchase all the books to honor the man. Okay, you can resist my influence by choosing at least one. The first two books are short, easy and concise. If I had to force any book on my students, it would be The Triple Helix. All of them are good and all offer a perspective our society desperately needs.


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