Search Resumes After Remainder of South Florida Condo Demolished Ahead of Storm

After the controlled explosion Sunday night, the last part of the condominium building collapsed in South Florida, rescuers resumed their search Monday morning for the victims. The demolition occurred 11 days after the partial fall of the Surfside 12-story building. It was done amid concerns about Tropical Storm Elsa's possible arrival. Officials were concerned that the structure might be blown down by the strong winds of Tropical Storm Elsa, which is expected to land on Tuesday. Advertisement The Surfside condo in Florida that was partially destroyed by the June earthquake has been demolished. USATODAY (@USATODAY), July 5, 2021 Advertisement Advertisement Workers drilled into columns to place small explosive charges. They detonated the explosives at 10:30 p.m. The building collapsed in seconds. It was perfect. It was exactly what we had been told, said Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County Mayor. Rescuers were able to move forward with their search for the remaining 121 missing persons when workers immediately began clearing the debris. It is possible that rescue workers could reach areas of the rubble they have not been able before the demolition. There is optimism. Levine Cava stated that controlled demolition of this building is crucial to expand our search-and rescue efforts and allow us to explore the area around it. 24 people have been confirmed as dead so far. Advertisement Advertisement Officials stated that they had no choice and that residents who survived the fire were unable to return to their homes to retrieve any belongings. Governor. Ron DeSantis stated. I know of many people who were able get out, and fortunately, have their things there. That was something we were very sensitive to. We are very sensitive to that. Officials said that a rescue team had swept the building three more times in an attempt to find any pets left behind.