Final Fantasy VII Intergrade's entertaining DLC should also be on PS4

Square Enix Image CreditSoon after the start of the first chapter, Yuffie meets Sonon, a new character. Sonon is Yuffie's close-range tank. He distracts Yuffie from those who are more easily injured. He is an unpredictable support character and can choose to move and attack his enemies. However, you can still command him to attack using skills and equipped magic from battle menu.Yuffie can deal damage from afar, and she doesn't need to have the required materia. This allows her to use elemental attacks to protect herself. You can also boost Sonan's hit points or give him materia to make him more attractive to enemies. Sonon has a handy resurrection skill that activates if Yuffie is KOed. This will ensure you focus your fight strategies on Sonon drawing the enemy's attacks while Yuffie targets weaknesses and shoots across to the area for enemy crowd control.Square Enix managed to create a completely new fighting style for this DLC Chapter. This bodes well for the four other characters who were part of the Final Fantasy 7 party. Characters in the original game had no stats or limit break attacks. You could load them with materia to give you more attack options. They move and attack very differently in the Remake, so you will need to switch between them.Square EnixRemake is also available on the PS5. Although FF7R is a new exclusive for the PS4, these changes aren't revolutionary, but they are certainly noticeable. I was unhappy with the blurred skyscapes and grainy land in FF7R. In Intergrade, the resolution and detail have been improved. The internet has fixed some things that were problematic, such as the doors rendered in horrible detail.Intergrade now allows you to switch between graphics (4K, with more graphic flourishes) and performance (60fps). As your team moves fluidly around their enemies, the former mode is an amazing revelation in both the game and Intermission chapters. It is easier to use and more enjoyable to play. Although the original Remake didn't choke as often (I hate to have to write that), the framerates of the fourth-generation PlayStation 4 did suffer from the effects of all the boss battles and pyrotechnics. Intergrade also has a new photo mode, which makes it easier to capture beautiful stills of this gorgeous game. Below are my top picks.Square EnixYou can also upgrade your PS5 with other upgrades. Although DualSense haptic feedback sometimes kicks in, you won't notice it. The difference was most evident during the motorcycle chase in the base game. You can feel the texture of different areas of your tarmac. Clouds' occasional memory flashes were the only time I was reminded of this. Other times, however, there wasn't any other moment where the controller offered me any additional immersive rumbles. You might also notice a significant improvement in loading times: either loading saved games or switching chapters are extremely fast.Intermission has been criticised for not being able to play the new chapters on the PlayStation 5, if one was available. Are the new environments, battles, and rambunctious Ninjas worthy of next-gen console hardware or not?Square Enix is the only one who knows, but I doubt it. The PS4 would struggle to keep up with Yuffies' battle style which has her firing across the battlefield in pursuit of her large shuriken. You can also navigate through levels that are designed to show how the PS5 handles a ninja hurling down a mechanized firepole. There is scaffolding, levels, and items all around, all accompanied by a five-track jazz arrangement. I am not kidding.Yuffie walks gingerly through a gap, one of the slow-downs in-game that are familiar to anyone who has played Remake on the PS4. This happens only once in the new Midgar chapters introduced in Intermission. It's almost like a knowing nod to the fact that things will speed up. They do. The second chapter is darker and sometimes turns into a series of difficult and rewarding battles. You can also complete the Intermission chapters and an optional secret battle in the core game. It won't be spoilt for you.Intergrade, the definitive version of FF7R, is recommended. It is well worth a playthrough. However, the Intermission chapters can't be played on the PS4. This makes what was a highly polished piece of DLC a somewhat hollow cash grab.Square EnixSquare EnixSquare EnixSquare Enix