How to Use Kitchen Scraps on Plants Without Learning to Compost

Photo by iva (Shutterstock ).Let's start by saying we aren't anti-compost. We have many articles that will help you understand the process of composting. If everyone had the energy and time to make their own compost, then they could use it to grow their plants.AdvertisementFor many people and for many reasons, even the best intentions of composting don't always translate into actual composting. Although it may seem like your dream of free plant nutrition will never come true, this is not the truth.There is a middle ground between composting completely and making a large batch. This is called using (non-compostable) food scraps. Michelle Ullman wrote this article for Here are some examples of foods that can be used to feed you and your plants.Plants can grow healthy roots with banana peelsBanana peels contain potassium which helps plants to transfer water between cells, establish healthy roots, produce fruit and blooms, and fight off disease. You just need to bury the banana peel near some outdoor flowering plants.G/O Media could be eligible for a World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card at Eneba. Use the promo code: 20210704Ullman suggests that you cover the peel with soil for insect protection and odor control. The soil will benefit from the potassium and other nutrients released by the peel as it decomposes.Eggshells are a good source of calcium for plantsEggshells are rich in calcium which strengthens plants' cell walls. Ullman explains how to use them.The eggshells should be rinsed thoroughly. Once they are dry, crush them with a pestle, or similar grinder. Next, add a few of the ground shells to the soil around the plants.AdvertisementCoffee's nitrogen helps to grow leavesCoffee grounds can be used as plant food, but it is important to strike a delicate balance. They contain a lot of nitrogen which aids in leaf development. Coffee grounds with too much caffeine and acidity can hinder plant growth. Ullman's advice is:To ensure safety, do not add more than a 1/2-inch layer of coffee ground around your plants. Cover the grounds with a few inches of soil to prevent compaction.AdvertisementIf you have the space and time to compost, do it! You can also bury the banana peels.