Netflix Fear Street 1978 Trailer: Horror Hits Summer Camp

In 1978, it's all about rise and grind. Screenshot courtesy of NetflixFear Streets' first movie, which was released in 1994, may have just begun streaming on Netflix. The anthology will be back this Friday to tease that, like any horror franchise, it's never over, no matter how much our heroes believe it is.AdvertisementThe streamer just released the trailer for Leigh Janiak's middle entry in his three-part adaptation to R.L. Stine horror series. Last week, we traveled to Shadyside in Ohio to discover a dark past filled with haunted witches and undead murderers. The central figure in 1994's mystery is the only survivor from a similar incident at a Summer Camp in 1978. Part 2 will focus on this young hero, as they try to break the curse of Fier witch.The story of Camp Nightwing, where there is already a division between the poor children of Shadyside with the wealthy families of Sunnyvale1978 follows the young campgoers as they are subject to attacks by a number of possessed killers. Nightwings grounds are connected to mysterious mysteries that plague Shadyside for centuries. The desperate survivors attempt to defeat their assailants to end Shadysides curse.We know this won't be true, but it is a precursor of 1994's events. You will, however, find out more about Shadysides', well, shadier, side when Fear Street Part 2 1978 hits Netflix on Friday, July 9, ahead of 1666, the third and final movie.Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.