Airbnb has blocked tens of thousands of bookings in party crackdown

Airbnb blocked more than 50,000 suspicious bookings in 15 US cities as part a crackdown against parties at its properties during the pandemic. These include 7,000 in Dallas and 6,000 in San Diego. There are also 5,100 in Charlotte and 3,500 in St. Louis. There are also 2,700 in New Orleans. The Verge is told by Ben Breit, the company's head of safety and trust communication. According to The Denver Post, it blocked 5,000 bookings in Phoenix. It also blocked 4,500 bookings in Las Vegas, 4,500 at Seattle, 2,600 Denver, and 2,600 in Portland. 1,800 at Salt Lake City. 1,500 in Albuquerque. KXAN reports that WLWT5 reported that 2,000 bookings had been blocked in Cincinnati and 3,800 in Austin. These numbers demonstrate the extent of Airbnb's enforcement actions. It follows a global ban on parties that was implemented last year to stop its rental properties from becoming an alternative to bars and clubs closing due to the pandemic. The company stated that a ban on parties and events in all countries is in the public's best interests. This ban is an extension of existing rules that prohibit dedicated party houses. It was in force since 2019. It is in the public's best interests to ban parties and events from all parts of the world. Breit explained to The Denver Post the types of bookings that its system has been blocking in the US since July 2013. Breit stated that if you are less than 25 years old and have not received positive reviews in the past, you will be unable to book a whole home listing close to your residence. Other bookings that make more sense for parties would be permitted. It is okay to rent in a faraway city, or even in a smaller area. This system is being used by Airbnb in the US, Canada and the UK. According to the company, its ban worked and major events such as Halloween and New Years Eve have been quietened. The Denver Post reported that short-term rentals have seen a halving of complaints in Denver between January and May, compared to the same period last year. However, it is unclear if this was due to Airbnb's policies or a general decline caused by the pandemic. While vaccines are being introduced around the globe, Airbnb has not shown any signs of relaxing its rules. It recently announced that it would be increasing its ban on parties until the end of the summer 2021. In April's summer of responsible travel announcement, Airbnb explained why citing warnings from public health professionals about the dangers of mass gatherings. The company's crackdown does not include the automatic blocking of party bookings. The company also offers discounted noise detection equipment to hosts, and a 24/7 support line for the US's neighborhood.


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