Westoe Travel owners mark double anniversary

Westoe Travel's owners celebrated their 40th anniversary of marriage on the same day that they celebrated 16 years in business at their current location.In 1989, Joan and Graeme Brett opened the South Shields Travel Agency. It was originally located in the Westoe Road family newsagents shop. This also served as the departure point for Blueline Intercity coach services to London.In the beginning, clients purchased coach tickets through the agency and then bought snacks for their journeys from the same newsagent.The business, which was then owned by Graemes' parents, grew and was eventually moved to its present standalone premises at 120 Westoe Road. This was seven doors away from the original location. It was also the anniversary of Brett's marriage.Graeme, cofounder of the travel agent action group Target said: I chose American Independence Day for my wedding day so that I wouldn't forget the anniversary!Prior to opening a travel agency, the couple worked in the insurance industry. They had planned to host a huge American Independence Day celebration with their family and friends. Then, they would take a trip to the US. They decided to spend a weekend at a Yorkshire lodge instead due to Covid.Joan, 60, a Destination Canada Elite Canada specialist and Joan, 60, shared that they both want to travel again. She has been to Canada thirty times. As we never know when we might be prevented from traveling, we always make the most of every opportunity to travel. In the past 18 months, this has been proven to be true.Graeme (62), who often arranges his family's trip to Australia each year with Premier Australian specialist agents added: Although we both love to travel, our favorite destinations are Canada, Alaska, and Florida. Our ideal holiday is to search for bears or other wildlife in remote parts of Canada and Alaska. This is why we choose Alaska every year as our first choice for a holiday.