Biden ties battle against Covid to American traditions

He said, "Think about how far we've come from quiet streets to crowded parade routes waving American Flags." Biden added some words of caution as well, saying: Don't get me wrong. Covid-19 is not under threat. We all know that there have been powerful variants, such as the Delta variant. He urged Americans to be vaccinated again. Biden had established a goal for the nation to reach 70 percent vaccinations by the holiday. This goal was met but not reached. He called vaccination the most patriotic thing that you can do on Sunday night. He also spoke out about "pain and fear" and said that the daily schedule card that he keeps with him every day always shows the country's current Covid death toll, which has now surpassed 600,000. The sight of unmasked people gathered in Washington, D.C., and at celebrations across the country served as a reminder about the progress made in the past months. Biden stated that America is coming together today, and we can all say this with confidence across the nation.


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