World's Single-Biggest Ransomware Attack Hit 'Thousands' in 17 Countries

The ransomware was used to infect thousands of people across 17 countries with ransomware. According to experts interviewed by Associated Press, the timing of the attacks could have been to capitalize on America's three day weekend celebrating its founding. The FBI is now being urged by America's National Security Advisor to notify anyone who believes they have been compromised. This attack comes less than one month after Biden asked Vladimir Putin to end his safe-haven for REvil and other ransomware groups whose relentless extortionary attacks, which the U.S. considers a national security risk, were made. "Bleeping Computer" notes that the exploited vulnerability had been disclosed to Kaseya previously by security researchers from DIVD. Kaseya was also validating the patch before it was distributed to customers. DIVD stated today that the number of Kaseya VSA instance that can be accessed via the internet dropped from more than 2,200 to less that 140 over the last scan today... This is a good example of how a network of security-minded organisations can be extremely effective in times of crisis.