So That's Where All Of Those Dollar Coins Went... El Salvador!

As we were preparing for our trip, we discovered that El Salvador uses the US Dollar as its currency. This made it a lot easier since we didn't need to convert prices when purchasing things.The first stop on the touristy route was to San Salvador's very interesting church. I paid the $20 entry fee and was confused when I received my change.I was presented with a $10 bill as well as a few gold coins. Initial thought was that the coins were local currency, which was still being used. After closer inspection, I noticed a familiar coin I hadn't seen in a while.Do you remember those $1 coins that so many of us bought from the US Mint around 10 years ago? They came with free shipping. A lot of them ended up in El Salvador, it seems.Last night at dinner, we met another American. This was probably our first encounter during this trip. As we chatted, I related the story of how I ordered dollar coins from the US Mint for free miles and points.Ah, the good times!