Oman launches first digital national travel trade booking platform

Oman Tourism Development Company, the Sultanates executive tourist development arm, launched as the first Omani online booking and information portal for the travel sector. For future bookings, Oman's travel and tourism trade partners are now eligible to register in the first phase. is envisioned to be a fully integrated digital travel ecosystem for the Sultanate. It will have four main objectives. First, it will position Oman as an attractive destination for tourists to international markets. The second goal is to increase tourism inbound. Third, to establish an accreditation process for Omani travel trade stakeholders. Fourth, to increase socio-economic development of Oman. Minister of Heritage Salim bin Mohammed Al Mahruqi stated: The launch the brand identity for the National Travel Operator & was an important step in aligning with Oman Vision 2040 as well as the economic diversification plans. In collaboration with our partners, the platform will digitize the local tourist supply chain. It will be a key factor in supporting the Sultanates vision of increasing local and international investment in the tourism infrastructure. We also aim to attract 11.7million tourists by 2040. 5 million of these are international tourists. was launched as part of strategic initiatives by the Sultanate to revive the tourism sector and relaunch tourism activities. The portal will provide quality assured packages and instant confirmations, as well as support from partner specialists and destination experts. This 360-degree approach to booking ensures that trade partners and consumers have confidence in the process, especially for first-time travellers. This platform will allow customers and business partners to make quick and direct reservations. It will foster integration between supply-demand. is expected to be an all-encompassing website by Q4 2021 Resource for the travel trade sector that will connect all of the Omani travel supply chains globally. This extended portal will also include a live booking engine which allows for seamless supply and demand integration with trade partner.


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