What to watch in Week 2? Novak Djokovic, Coco Gauff and perhaps a surprise wild-card run

Do you expect the unexpected? This has been the case at Wimbledon this season. Six of the top 10 players are out of the tournament so it's anybody's game on the women's side.Things are looking good for Novak Djokovic, who will be competing in the 20th Grand Slam to beat Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. There might be an unexpected wildcard worth watching.Our experts discuss what they saw during Week 1 and what they expect to see in Week 2.Which man is your favorite in the men’s field after Week One?Novak Djokovic appears well on his way towards winning his 20th major title. AP Photo/Alberto PezzaliSimon Cambers says: Nothing has changed my mind: It's still Novak Djokovic. Roger Federer is more dangerous than Djokovic, but Djokovic seems to be the man.Cliff Drysdale: Djokovic.Brad Gilbert: It was the exact same as before it began -- Djokovic. It's evident.Tom Hamilton: Djokovic was my pick before the tournament, and I have not yet seen any evidence to change that decision.D'Arcy Main: It's Djokovic, without a doubt. After the French Open, Djokovic came in full steam and shows no signs of slowing down. He is motivated by this and he will reach the No. He has already reached 20 milestones, so it is unlikely that anyone can beat him this week.Pam Shriver: It's Djokovic. Based on his playing style and how he keeps himself in check, it would be insane to not choose him. At the US Open, he learned to be calm and collected, not to let his emotions get the best of him, not to lose heart or become impulsive. He seems obsessed with achieving the major title No. 20 and join Federer and Rafael Nadal to achieve the record.Alexandra Stevenson says: I think it's Djokovic. It's his loss. He was strong and knows how to navigate these courts. He is so flexible. This is important. He is the "Loki" of the tennis game, the "Man of Mischief". He wants to be loved but also wants world dominance. He has a vision that not everyone shares, and causes trouble without knowing it. He is a kind-hearted person, but he will never be loved, and he isn't yet fully accepting it.Which woman is your favorite in the women’s field after Week One?Although the field for women is still open, Ashleigh Barty may have the best chance to win. AP Photo/Alberto PezzaliCambers: I feel like Iga Swaitek might win it. She has been so impressive and has it all going for her. If she can beat Ons Jabeur in round two, she might go all the way.Drysdale: Ashleigh Barrty. She will be able work her way into the tournament. She's the most talented player in this field, if all things are equal. Because of the grass, I was worried about her in her first matches. But I believe she can win it.Gilbert: It was exactly the same as before the tournament started. I stated before that 25-35 people will win it. Expect the unexpected, and don't be surprised if someone is not in the top 10. Six out of the top 10 have already been eliminated. Just like at the French, you can expect that this will happen here. That's the fact that I won't be changing my mind. It wouldn't surprise me if Coco Gauff wins.Hamilton: I will stick to my prediction of Ashleigh Barrty. She's just starting.Maine: This is one rare situation in which there are no right answers. I am tempted to list all 16 remaining women. Gauff may be the slight favorite going into the second week. Although she said she was nervous, she has not dropped a set. She will face Angelique Kerber, an ex-Wimbledon champion, in a challenging match, but she will feel confident if she makes it to the quarterfinals. Here are honorable mentions to Monday's Swiatek–Jabeur and Barty–Barbora Krejcikova winners.Shriver: I understand that I am supposed to pick here but it is almost impossible to do so in women's tennis at the moment. Barty was my pick to win the pre-tournament. However, she has been vulnerable at times. Swiatek performed very well in Week 1. If she beat Jabeur in the quarters, then I will start to wonder if she can win it all. When she feels her game, we know she has something special. This conversation could also be about the Gauff-Kerber winner.Stevenson: This is a difficult one. It is almost impossible to predict who it might be. It's not as if anyone predicted the French would arrive. You know what Gauff could have done? Kerber can stop her, Kerber is smart tennis. Coco is playing well, and her confidence has been high. However, she hasn’t faced the most difficult opponents. After a tough start to the year, Kerber won at Bad Homburg and now holds the title on grass. The winner of that match must be considered one the favorites.What men's player has had the most surprising run thus far?Could Denis Shapovalov reach the final? AP Photo/Kirsty WigginsworthCambers: It's not a surprise that Denis Shapovalov is very good, although it might be. He has a huge game. It's the kind of game that, when everything works, can beat anyone. He could be a great player.Gilbert: Shapovalov was my dark horse, and I will keep it that way. I believe a deep run will make it to the semis. It could be an opportunity for Alexander Zverev and Matteo Berrettini or Daniil Medvedev. Fed. There's still a lot of opportunity for players in lower half of the draw.Hamilton: Felix Auger - Aliassime. His match against Zverev in round 16 is going to be spectacular.Maine: Auger Aliassime couldn't make it to the final against Nick Kyrgios on Saturday. However, the Canadian had looked strong and had won a victory over Federer at Halle on grass. He also reached the doubles final. He took advantage of the brief window between Wimbledon and the French Open, and despite not having any previous experience on the surface, he seemed to be very comfortable. He was able to overcome Zverev, and reach the quarterfinals.Shriver: Djokovic will not win the title because he lost in the final. Andrey Rublev is the most likely to win the title in the quarterfinals. Sebastian Korda and Shapovalov have reached a new level. Djokovic could face a challenge from either of them in the semifinals.Stevenson: Sebastian Korda and Shapovalov are my top choices. Shapovalov, who is a lefty, could be a major player. Korda looks solid. Matteo Berrettini is also a favorite of mine. He plays a lot of tennis. He was the Queen's winner, so he could be considered the dark horse.What women's player has had the most surprising run thus far?Madison Keys looks resurgent in the last week. Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY SportCambers: While it's not surprising that she won the French Open in Paris, Krejcikova managed to get through the draw almost unnoticed. She must feel extremely confident. It would be amazing if she could do double!Drysdale: Madison Keys is my choice.Gilbert: In 29 of the 13 Slams that I mentioned, an unseeded opponent has reached the semis. It will happen again. It's possible it will be an American, but I flew on Keys and she is still there.Hamilton: England's Emma Raducanu is now the star of Wimbledon. Raducanu could reach the semifinals in Euro 2020 with England. Then, who knows?Maine: First, let's clarify: There is no surprise run in women’s tennis. It is too big, and nearly everyone in the top 200 is capable of reaching great heights. Keys' current run is not surprising considering her years of consistent results at majors. However, she hadn't made it to the fourth round at a Grand Slam Grand Slam since 2019. Keys has been looking resurgent in the last week, and she won an impressive victory over No. Elise Mertens, 13th seed, won in straight sets Friday. Keys is well-aware of what it takes for a major final, and may be more motivated by the open draw.Shriver: Ludmilla Samanthaova just witnessed Barbora Krejcikova winning the French Open and is saying, "If Barbora wins there, why don't I win here at Wimbledon?" She was a winner in Berlin last month, and she has a great game. While I'm not saying she will win Wimbledon, she is definitely someone you should be watching. Karolina Muchova is another -- she reached the semis in Australia, and has performed well on grass. She is a great athlete.Stevenson: Karolina Muchova is a great grass-court player. She's also athletic and can adapt to different situations. She is dangerous and could have a breakthrough moment. Keys are also not to be overlooked. She has a great serve and ground stroke. She looks strong and fit. She seems to be saying "Whatever happens, happens" and that may be the best attitude.Bad weather played a part in Week 1. What could they do to the tournament's rest?Week 2 may see fewer slips or falls, as players have become more comfortable on the court. AP Photo/Alberto PezzaliCambers. Although the slippery courts in the first few days were evidently a factor, it is not unusual for grass. The ball is not flying through the air because of the lack heat. The ball will start to heat up if it gets warmer.Drysdale: All things considered, the conditions were fairly normal -- I know that we had some very strange results but that's the way grass courts work for the first few days and it's been that way for a while. This is something that people need to accept. It won't make any difference in court the second week because the grass courts are already compromised.Gilbert: I have been coming to this place for over 40 years and it has not changed. It's what it is. It's something you have always had to do. You just need to be more cautious. It's necessary to adjust, but the courts are becoming more battered, and we're experiencing better weather. I expect that the adjustments will be made by the players within the second week.Hamilton: Roger Federer was known for his slips around Centre Court. But it's something that the players must learn to. They will be looking for the best footwear and preparing for any unexpected hiccups. The surfaces will remain damp due to the rain forecast for the next few day, but that's part of the challenge of playing at SW19.Maine: There were only two weeks between Wimbledon and the French Open, so it was almost certain that players would struggle on grass courts, even under the best conditions. It was the extra slipperiness that made the grass slippery and it quickly became a major talking point of the first week. This caused havoc during the first few days. Serena Williams' injury during the first round is a memory that will live on forever. Many, including myself, will wonder what it was like for the 23-time major champion.Although the conditions haven’t been as significant over the last few days, they could again be a problem with rain forecasted for the second week. It's unlikely that players will be more adjusted than they are now, so it's difficult to believe it will become an even bigger problem.Shriver: Tennis history could have been changed by the conditions. Adrian Mannarino led by two sets to one and was playing well. Federer took control in the fourth but it is impossible to know how this match would have ended. We'll never know what Serena would do. She could have run deep. We have seen her make her way in before but we didn't get the chance this time.It was expected that players would get more comfortable with it as the tournament progressed. But it has only gotten better. It was nice to have some sun on Thursday and Friday. However, I think we should think about what we can do in the future. I don't want another three days like this one.Stevenson: Although it has been two years since anyone played at the All England Club (apart from those who participated in warm-up tournaments), many players still move on clay courts. You can see how Serena moved on her back foot. It was difficult for her to balance, and if you are too far back from the court, it's easy to slip.You have to be prepared for it. You will slip. It was very smart of Sorana Cirstea to wipe her feet between match changeovers. This is something that we might see more of.Wimbledon grassologists are brilliant and know exactly what they're doing. They're going to make sure nothing goes wrong on these grass courts. It has been pouring heavily, and it is humid when the roof is up.