A new podcast: Dawkins on how to write popular science

Iona Italia interviewed me on her podcast Two for Tea. This podcast is designed to educate listeners and support Areo Magazine, which Iona is Editor in Chief. This podcast featured experts on science, religions, humanisms, philosophy, freedom and speech. It has been running for three year. The interview should be available in the next few weeks. However, subscribers will only be able to see the final half. Patrons can be created here. The $1/month memberships have sold out. Your minimum contribution is $5 per month. However, if you are poor, you can still get a $1 link. The first half of the membership is free. When it's up, I'll add a link. I was looking through the interviews and noticed that Richard Dawkins (second link down) is talking about his book on science writing. I think it's Richards A Sense of Style. I look forward to hearing his thoughts on writing popular science. I think his books like The Blind Watchmaker are a perfect blend of science and lyricism. Although I cannot write as well as him, he has been an example of clear and compelling science exposition. Click the link to order the book at Amazon. The podcast is free for 24 minutes. If you aren't familiar with Dawkins, it may not be much of a surprise. However, it's a great way to spend an hour or half an hour on a lazy Fourth. The timestamps are for Dawkins podcast. Unfortunately, if you don't pay, it stops just before the poetry and literature bit. I would also love to know his favorite book. You can still hear the first 24 minutes of the program if you click the screenshot below. Timestamps 4/24 Why should more non-scientists enjoy science writing 6:15 Why scientists need to write clearly 14:43 Virtual reality continuously updated 16:41 The gene book of the dead 20:17 Extended phenotype 25:12 Poetry and literature 28:06 Misconceptions about the genes eye view 33:21 Misinterpretations in evolutionary biology and Dawkins' own work 35:56 We defy our genes 36:16 Anti-Darwinian ethics 37:28 Threats that science understanding is threatened 39:20 Dawkins gift of satire 44:37 Dawkins' favorite work Do not forget to take a note of your favorite Dawkins book while you are at it. You might enjoy The Selfish Gene and The Extended Phenotype if you are interested in pure science. If you prefer popular science that is easier to understand, you might be interested in The Blind Watchmaker and Climbing Mount Impossible.


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