Utah's governor: 'Politics is becoming religion in our country'

Cox's comment was made on July 4, which is the day that the United States declares independence from colonial Britain.In an effort to tie the United States' patriotic traditions to vaccination, the Biden administration set a goal to get vaccines to at most 70% of adults in the country by this date. The current figure is only 67 percent, largely due to the fact that many people in conservative areas of the country are reluctant to be vaccinated.Utah's vaccinating adult rate is slightly lower than the national average (approximately 64%), which Cox stated was a surprise considering the state's conservative valence, and the fact that Utah's population is largely younger Americans who are less likely to get vaccinated than the older Americans.Cox stated that he is still concerned about the unvaccinated because of the rapid rise in the highly contagious Delta virus.He said that those are not deaths and hospitalizations that have to occur. It's very easy and simple to get the vaccine right now.The administration of President Joe Biden has attempted to address the political divide regarding vaccination, especially in the wake a contentious presidential campaign that many Republicans still resent.Jeff Zients is leaving the White House, after leading the coronavirus taskforce under Biden. He said that they will continue to reach out and educate local health care providers to educate the public about the benefits of vaccines.He said it earlier on Face the Nation that this is not about politics. We must continue to reach people wherever they are, and trust messengers at a local level.Zients stated that one encouraging sign is the increasing availability of vaccinations, which is helping to ease some reservations people may have.He said that the good news is that more people are vaccinated when they see their family, friends, and neighbors.