Fauci Warns of New COVID Surge as Poll Shows Republicans Still Hesitant to Get Vaccinated

Anthony Fauci is concerned about almost two types emerging in America, as the vaccination rates vary greatly by region. According to the nation's top infectious disease expert, 99 percent of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States were caused by unvaccinated individuals. This is a sad situation. Fauci stated that it is terrible, especially for those who have had to deal with deadly diseases without an effective countermeasure. It is difficult to have a situation such as today, where you have a powerful enemy in the virus that has devastated our planet for over a year. Yet, we have a countermeasure that is highly, highly effective.AdvertisementWATCH: #MTP is told by Dr. Anthony Fauci that "we could vaccinate everyone [in the U.S.]" if they wish to receive the vaccine.Dr. Fauci says, "There are people around the world who would give anything to get the vaccination." pic.twitter.com/1goTN9cuGH Meet The Press (@MeetThePress), July 4, 2021AdvertisementAdvertisementThe delta variant could cause a sharp increase in cases in areas with high hesitancy, even as overall vaccination rates rise across the country. Fauci stated that there is a wide range in willingness to vaccinate. There are states that require 35% or less vaccination. In these cases, it is possible to expect spikes in certain areas, in particular states, or cities or counties.AdvertisementWATCH: Wear a mask if you go to a country with low vaccination rates, even if you are vaccinated.Dr. Fauci: Vaccines, no matter how effective and efficient, are not 100%. Pic.twitter.com/iaJHTaIUg5 Meet The Press (@MeetThePress), July 4, 2021Fauci urged people to forget about vaccines being a political issue, and instead recognize the fact that they save lives. He said that we are in a historical situation and have the tools to combat it. For goodness sake, forget about all the differences and recognize that the virus is the common enemy.AdvertisementFauci's appeal came as a Washington Post/ABC News poll revealed that only 45 per cent of Republicans had received at least one shot compared to 86 per cent of Democrats. Only 6 percent of Democrats believe they won't get vaccinated. Nearly half of Republicans (47%) agree. Nearly four out of ten Republicans believe they won't be vaccinated against COVID-19, while only 22 percent of independents agree. 60% of unvaccinated people believe that the U.S. is exaggerating the dangers associated with the delta variant.Joe Biden, President of the United States, had in May set the goal to give 70 percent of the country at least one COVID-19 shot before July 4. Only 20 states, Washington, D.C., and two territories met that goal.