Trump Once Bragged of His Tax Code Knowledge. Now He Says It's Confusing as He Appears to Acknowledge Schemes.

Former President Donald Trump stated repeatedly on the campaign trail that he paid as few taxes as possible and was still in the White House. He often boasted about his knowledge of the tax code and how he could make it work for him. Trump boasted in a 2017 interview with The New York Times: I know all the details about taxes better than anyone. Trump's second rally in Florida since his resignation was a far different story.AdvertisementMany Trump supporters braved the rain to see the former president speak just days after Allen Weisselberg, the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, was charged with criminal offenses by the Manhattan district attorney office. The charges are based on allegations that Weisselberg, along with other Trump Organization executives, didn't pay taxes on a number of benefits they received. Trump addressed these charges Saturday night. He acknowledged the existence of tax schemes, but claimed it was confusing and that no one understands what is allowed.AdvertisementAdvertisement"You didn't pay taxes on the car or the apartment in your didn't pay tax or education for your grandchildren, I don't even know what to put." Is there anyone who knows the answer? Andrew Feinberg, @AndrewFeinberg July 4, 2021AdvertisementTrump stated that they go after hardworking, good people who don't pay taxes on company cars. The car and the apartment were free of tax. Because you must travel far to reach your home, you used an apartment. Tax was not paid. You didn't pay tax. I don't even know. Is it necessary? Is there anyone who knows the answer?Trump also attacked the investigators, claiming they are motivated by politics and ignore other serious crimes because of their focus on Trump. He said that he was okay with murder and selling large amounts of the most dangerous drugs in the world, which kill people all over the globe. It is unfair, and you should think about it. New York City, its prosecutors and perhaps any other prosecutors have never criminally charged anyone for providing fringe benefits. Fringe benefits. It's okay to commit murders. You can commit murders, but that's okay.AdvertisementJr.: A guy was chosen because he bought a corporate car but didn't declare it on his taxes Acyn. (@Acyn). July 4, 2021His comments Saturday night were his most detailed on Thursday's charges. His son also acknowledged the existence of tax scheme, but he reduced their importance. He said that prosecutors make a big deal out of nothing because they are political reasons. They spent millions of dollars and reviewed 3 million documents. There were also countless grand jury hours and countless witnesses. Trump Jr. stated that he had a corporate car but didn't declare it in his tax returns. Trump Jr. also seemed to admit that the company paid for Weisselberg's grandchildren's school tuition. Trump Jr. had earlier called the charges political persecution and called it a political enemy. He said that this was what Vladimir Putin does, even though it is similar to the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's prosecution.AdvertisementAdvertisementUPDATE: Don Jr. is making similar admissions and accusing his father: "They claim he didnt pay taxes over $1.7 million, thats $136,000. New York state 8%, thats $136,000. Andrew Feinberg, @AndrewFeinberg July 4, 2021