54 Products To Help Make A Few Little Problems *Poof* Disappear

You can use the thermometer in a smoker, grill, toaster or refrigerator. We have over 22,000 5-star reviews so you're sure to find more uses.Promising review: "Helped to diagnose/confirm that my 14-year-old oven had developed a major problem. It helped us to realize that the oven we had was unable to reach 300 degrees at maximum. Our high elevation (Utah) also made it clear that our small toaster oven was only able to reach 300 degrees. This allows us to adjust the temperature to compensate for elevation differences in recipes. It is easy to use. It comes with a stand and hook. It is easy to bend the metal accidentally (it looks almost like an aluminum can), but that's not surprising considering the price. You can also bend the metal back to its original shape if you aren't too rough with the material, so it's not that big of a deal. It's cheaper than hiring a professional to fix our oven problem. It's also nice to understand how the elevation affects temperature, so that we can adjust for better cooking recipes. CDayAmazon has it for $8.97