24 Things Under $20 For People Who Don't Have All Day

AmazonIt holds 2 cups and is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. The silicone disk within acts as a scraper and removes any residue. You can also take it apart for thorough cleaning.Promising review: "This kitchen tool is amazing!" I used to bake and cook often, and I was always having to find and clean endless amounts of measuring cups. I had three sets. But that's enough. This is the only thing I need. It's a very well-made, adjustable measuring cup. It is perfect for measuring flour, butter, syrups and dressings as well as oils. It is great for baking. I use it first to measure out the dry ingredients. Then, I wipe it clean with a towel and measure the butter. This method requires less washing. It works as well as the original suction, and the measurements on it are still clear and unaltered. Gabriella W.Amazon has it for just $11.99.