Former Trump advisor's Gettr platform appeared to be briefly hacked Sunday

A number of verified profiles on Gettr were apparently compromised and defaced on Sunday by Jason Miller, an advisor to President Trump (via Insider).According to screenshots, Miller, ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene saw their header images changed with the following message: @JubaBaghdad came here:) free palestine. Insider was told by @JubaBaghdad that hacking the pages was simple and that he did it for fun.Zachary Petrizzo, a Salon writer, posted screenshots to Twitter showing what the pages looked.Jason Miller's right-wing social media website "Gettr", was hacked this morning. Zachary Petrizzo, @ZTPetrizzo July 4, 2021Miller stated in a statement sent to The Verge that the problem had been detected and sealed within minutes. The intruder could only change a few user name and that Gettr already had over half a million registered users.Official launch of Gettr was scheduled for today, July 4. Politico reported that it had launched in a soft launch in June. It plans to host three-minute videos and 777-character posts as well as live streaming video. Its app is available in Apple and Google's app stores.Trump claimed that he would launch his own social media platform after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook in January due to the Capitol Building insurrection. The blog From the Desk Of Donald J. Trump was launched on Trump's website in May. It was archived in June. Miller stated at that time that the website wasn't intended to become Trump's social media platform.Miller said to The Wall Street Journal that Trump was not on Gettr at the time. Bloomberg reported that Trump had no plans to join Gettr.Update July 4, 2012 at 2:22 PM ET: Comment from Gettr CEO Miller