'Star Wars: Visions' anime anthology comes to Disney+ on September 22nd

It won't take long to see the anime giants tackle Star Wars. Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed that Star Wars: Visions will be available on Disney+ starting September 22nd. They also gave a closer look at the films. Nine short films will be available from seven studios. Each has a unique take on space fantasy, with more than a few nods towards Japanese culture.Kamikaze Douga's The Duel is an example of a black-and-white short that features Sith warriors and Jedi-like Jedi. Studio Colorido’s Tatooine Rhapsody, a rock opera that resembles Chibi (yes, that's right), while Science Saru’s T0-B1 borrows a lot from Astro Boy. It tells the story of a droid who hopes to become a Jedi.The Disney+ calendar will not be defined by Visions in the same way that The Mandalorian and many Marvel shows have. It does however show that Disney is open to streaming formats that might not work in conventional TV or theaters.