How Many Miles Joey Chestnut Would Need to Run to Burn Off the Hot Dog Calories

Joey Chestnut today set a new world record for Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. Here's how many calories he ate and how far it took to get them off.July 4th is the American day for the celebration of independence. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie on that day.How many miles would the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Champion have to run to burn those calories?Contestants must eat as many Nathan's hot dogs and buns as they can in a time limit of 10 minutes. Joey Chestnut has been the champion for 14 years, a force in championship eating.Joey Chestnut was the 2021 winner. He ate 76 hot dogs and buns within the time limit and set a world record. He was awarded $10,000 for his efforts.Given that I often talk about running here, and that running burns calories in my blog, I thought it would interest me to see how many miles he needs to run to burn the calories he consumes in a span of 10 minutes.How many miles would it take to burn the calories from 76 hot dogs?Joey Chestnut said that he does a little running but I don't think he runs this many in a single day. This is marathon-level mileage! These numbers show how many miles Joey Chestnut would have to run to burn the hot dogs from the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest 2021. These numbers are approximate and are based on information online about the hot dogs, buns, and Joey's weight.Hot dog and bun: 280 caloriesHot dogs: 76He is 229 pounds in weightA pace of 10 minutes per mile would produce 178 calories per mile.In just 10 minutes, he consumed 21,280 calories (not counting hot dogs or buns)This works out to a total of approximately 119 milesIf he ate for just 10 minutes, it would take him almost 119 miles to burn all those calories. Wow! He doesn't have to run so many miles to lose those calories, but I don't think so. This guy does this for a living, and he is a good runner. It would be fascinating to see how many miles it would take for that many hot dogs to go down.Did you go to one of the many races in the US today? My favorite July 4th race is the one in New York!Nathans Hot Dog website featured imageRunning with Miles has some affiliate links. These links pay a commission when a purchase occurs. Running with Miles participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program allows sites to earn advertising fees through linking to and advertising on