VIDEO: Woman On �No Fly List� Goes Berserk at Frontier Check-in Counter as Her Child Pleads for Her to Stop

The latest viral video shows a woman, who appears to be already on the no-fly list for very valid reasons, yelling at airport staff and leaving a trail that is destructive in her fight with check-in staff. This incident took place at the Frontier check in desk at Orlando International Airport. It has since gone viral. Original post by user u/bbowell77 on Reddit Thread Airport Freakout. Since then, the video has been viewed thousands upon thousands with Reddit users expressing concerns for the safety of the mother's children and pleading with her to stop. This was sent by a friend to Dad from work. Evidently, she was on the no-fly list. This is insane. The original Redditor wrote that she felt terrible for the children. The woman apparently vented her frustration at the check-in staff after she was told that she would not be allowed to travel. The woman says, "I need my ticket for tomorrow," before she charges behind the check-in desk. She then grabs and throws things. F*** outta there, b***h! f*** with us! The woman screams as her child watches. F*** with me! You can go ahead, she continues to ignore her children's pleas for her stop. The woman grabs a pole made of metal and hurls it at the check in desk. The pole is soon dropped by the woman, but she starts to throw other items before a security guard arrives. It was so hard to watch. Poor children are afraid while their mother, who is their only source of support, seems to lose control and try to get arrested. One Redditor stated that she needs to control her anger before she destroys the lives of these children after viewing the video. Another commentator said: I am a married man for over 40 years to a woman who was raised in this family. Transportation Security Administrator David Pekoske advised travelers last week to stay calm in the face of an expectedly busy weekend for air travel. Pekoske continues: Please help make travel safer, more secure, and more enjoyable this holiday weekend. Although it is unlikely that the woman was listed on the federal no fly list, which is reserved for terrorist suspects, she could have been banned from flying with Frontier after an earlier incident. We have reached out to the airline for more information.