British Airways Wouldn't Give Family A Spoon To Feed One Year Old, Because They Were In Coach

The best coffee is for close friends, and the spoons are for business class passengers. Simon Gold claims that cutlery was only for Club Class when he and his wife asked for a spoon to feed their baby while on a flight from Madeira in Spain to London. Parents should bring everything they need to travel, but not rely on the airline for anything. In this instance, they forgot to pack the spoons that they would need for their 1 year old child in their checked baggage. The flight attendant will only give spoons to Club Europe passengers. Simon and Ortal, his 29-month-old, pregnant wife, had no other option than to feed their toddler on the four-hour flight. I could not believe my ears. He was furious. I did a double-take. I tried to get their attention to see if they were making a joke, but it was too serious. After 40 minutes of Jacob's screaming, the crew gave in and handed Jacob a spoon. British Airways claims that the crewmember did not refuse the customer the spoon. They explained the delay of 40 minutes as a busy flight, where the cabin crew couldn't immediately give the spoon to our customer, but they did so as quickly as possible. British Airways Club Europe is not very well. It's a coach seat with no extra legroom, and a crowded middle seat. Ryanair has a lower seat pitch. Cutlery is required for club class, as the spoon is the primary distinguishing factor between classes on this class-conscious airline.