Donald Trump appears to admit thrust of fraud charges at campaign rally

Former President Donald Trump speaks with his supporters at the Save America Rally at Sarasota Fairgrounds, Sarasota (Florida) - Octavio J/REUTERSDonald Trump seemed to accept the main thrust of the criminal case against Trump Organisation on Saturday. He asked how anyone could know that businesses must pay tax on benefits they provide employees such as school fees or company cars.Former president's property empire was accused of evading taxes for $1.7 million worth of benefits that were given to Allen Weisselberg, its chief financial officer. These benefits included private school fees for his grandchildren.When Mr Trump addressed supporters in Sarasota (Florida), he was not remorseful and asked if the charges were even a crime.He said that they go after hardworking, good people to avoid paying taxes on company cars.Tax was not paid on the car or apartment in the company. Because you must travel far to get to your apartment, you used an apartment.You didn't have to pay tax. Or education for your grandchildren. I don't know. Is it necessary? Is there anyone who knows the answer?The ex-president, along with his family, has not been charged for any offense. He said that New York's prosecutors should focus their attention elsewhere.It's okay to murder or sell large quantities of the most dangerous drugs in the world, which can kill people right away.It is unfair. New York City, its prosecutors and perhaps any other prosecutors have never criminally charged anyone for receiving fringe benefits.Fringe benefits. It's okay to commit murders. You can't have human trafficking.Trump's anger is fueled by the rare incidence of prosecutions for tax evasion on fringe benefits.This case is reminiscent of Leona Helmsley, a property developer who was convicted in 1980 of evading $1.2million in taxes in a Rudy Giuliani case.Donald Trump was not sympathetic to his rival property developer at the time. He, according evidence, stated that he didn't pay taxes and only the small people do.Continue the storyTrump was embroiled in a property dispute at the time with Mrs Helmsley. He said: I can feel sorry to my worst enemy, but not for Leona Helmsley. She deserves everything she gets.The New York tax case is only one example of the avalanche of litigation that is likely to surround the former president, who has lost his immunity since leaving office. According to Washington Post, nearly 30 cases and investigations are pending.Bennie Thompson (Democratic congressman) and Eric Swalwell (Democratic Congressman) have filed suit against Mr Trump, alleging that he incited the Jan 6 Capitol Riot.Atlanta prosecutors are looking into Mr Trump's call to Brad Raffensberger (Georgia secretary of State), in which he requested that he find enough votes in order to reverse the presidential election results in the state.Christopher Galdieri (associate professor of politics at Saint Anselm College) was not surprised by Trump's savage response to New York's charges.Trump's strategy for this type of thing is to speak out publicly and claim it isn't a crime. He claims it's a smart thing to be doing and anyone who doesn't is a fool and that the prosecutors are trying to get him.It might work for Trump's supporters, but it won't be persuasive with prosecutors, judges, or jurors in courtroom.Trump and his children will not be able to defend this argument if the investigation becomes public.While Donald Trump is attempting to resolve his legal issues, his successor continues his dominance in the polls.A Washington Post-ABC poll found that more than 60% of Americans approve Joe Biden's handling the coronavirus pandemic. He has not met his target of 70% of adults getting at least one shot before July 4.His overall approval rating is at 50%, which has remained the same since April. The only thing that has been disapproved of by him is his record on crime-related issues and immigration.Ron DeSantis (the Florida governor and possible opponent in 2024's election) also gave Mr Biden praise for his handling of the Surfside catastrophe.As Mr Biden sat beside him, Mr DeSantis stated: You guys have been supportive at federal level, and weve had zero bureaucracy.