Former Florida prosecutor suspended for sex with the victim in his domestic violence case

An Orlando attorney, who was once Orange County assistant state attorney will start his suspension Saturday because he had sex while assisting her case.Abraham Elmazahi joined the Florida Bar in 2018 and was placed under a 90-day suspension by the state Supreme Court.Elmazahis consent judgment in the Florida Bar ethics case states that he was guilty of a misdemeanor domestic abuse battery and violation of a domestic violence order case involving John Neal. Elmazahi began a sexual relationship after Neal was charged.Neal was allegedly found to have violated the restraining orders again. Elmazahi brought the charges in the second case. For this, he was fired.The Seminole County State Attorneys Office conducted an investigation and found that Elmazahis' decisions in the case were supported objectively by the facts. However, his relationship with the victim was still inappropriate and created a conflict. Elmazahis should have informed his office as well as opposing counsel about the relationship and withdrawn.Florida lawyers are disciplined for silence, theft and illegally imported drugsBad South Florida lawyers: Blackmail, bank robbery and stealing from special needs kids: