'Take me home' � Mark Zuckerberg posts flag-waving, surfboard-riding Independence Day Instagram video

Make America Strange Again. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an absurd video of himself riding a surfboard on Instagram on Sunday to celebrate Independence Day. "Happy July Fourth!" Zuckerberg wrote the following comment on the video post. He glides effortlessly on a foil-foil surfboard, enjoying the idyllic scenery. The soundtrack is John Denver's West Virginia anthem "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Instagram is owned by Facebook, which was co-founded by the mega-billionaire, 37-year old. One follower of Zuck wrote, "This is some memes," in response to the posting. "Fantastic!" Another follower added, Another wrote: "When you get an antitrust lawsuit dismissed by a judge. Let's get GOOOOOOOZY!