Euro 2020: 'My message to the England team - enjoy every minute of moments like this' - Alan Shearer

As England prepares for Euro 2020, my message to England's players is simple: Everyone is watching you. So enjoy every moment. This is not only about Wednesday's match against Denmark but also the excitement and noise that will be heard throughout the country over the next few days. The pitch is where the team must keep going. They need to enjoy it. This is the stage I was at last year's men's European Championship. I can remember going to the team hotel to get my hair done (yes, I did have hair). When I got out the taxi in Burnham, there was a street party. It's likely to be even more of the same. It's impossible to escape the atmosphere. But then again, it's not really possible. The team is back on home turf now and will be returning to Wembley for the remainder of the tournament. It was rocking when there had been 40,000 people there to watch the Germany match in the 16th. Now, there are 60,000 fans inside the semis. Let's go! "No one wants this tournament ending." Denmark is a totally different proposition than Ukraine, whom we beat in the quarter-finals on Saturday. They will present a more difficult challenge. After a difficult start with Christian Eriksen's heart attack during their first game against Finland, the Danes now have some momentum. Eriksen was able to recover and they now play with a purpose that makes them more dangerous. They are confident that they will be able to do amazing things at Euro 2020. England will be there, however. That was what we did in Rome. Gareth Southgate, manager of the company, said that he was not able to enjoy it as much as his colleagues back home. However, I believe he is now smiling about it - which he should. He meant that after a quick turnaround it was back to work for him, the England players, and they will be heading back to St George's Park, the team's Euro 2020 training facility. They would have all gone home if things had turned out differently, if they'd been defeated by Ukraine. But that didn't happen. This tournament is not over, even the England players who provide so much entertainment. They should be proud of their achievements, as they have lifted the whole country after a few months. Let's hope that it lasts at least two more games, and that we all feel the same way next Sunday night. "Gareth is a smart manager and a winner too." It's easy to get carried away by our chances of reaching the final on 11/7. It feels like something special is happening with the England team, and we shouldn't be surprised when they do well. It's what it is, it's why we're here, and it's exactly what we needed. There are many reasons to feel confident. Although Euro 2020 was a slow start, we are improving with each game. The win over Ukraine was the best of this tournament thus far. We had already demonstrated how strong we were defensively, and this time we also showed what we can do moving forward. Our set-pieces worked again, just like they did at the 2018 World Cup. However, we were also very exciting in open play. There were many positives to this evening. We led by Harry Kane's goal less than four minutes into the game. We didn't look back. Now, we must have the same energy as before and attack Denmark with the same intensity. We were not affected by our hunger for goals defensively. After five games, England managed to keep a clean sheet and is yet to concede. We had players from all corners of the pitch who put in great performances. After scoring against Germany, Kane showed a lot of energy and will feel like he is back at his best after scoring two more goals. He was likely to be my man-of-the-match, but Luke Shaw pushed him all the way. He was a great player down the left flank. Gareth's decisions worked again. He returned to playing with four players at the back. Mason Mount and Jadon Sancho, who were both new to the team, did well and made a strong case for staying. When Gareth mentioned England's players that have not featured yet, and stated they were also playing their part, he realized exactly what he was doing. He wanted them to be involved and ensure he was looking after them as best he could without having to play. He is a brilliant manager and a winner. It will continue for many more years. Alan Shearer spoke to Chris Bevan, BBC Sport.


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