America's gluttonous celebration is back, and you won't be able to look away

Nom-nom. Image by Getty ImagesThis is the quote that I think about every year around this time. Jason Fagone is the author of Horseman of the Esophagus. He tells the stories of professional chefs. It was a book I had to read once for college classes. This is a story for another day.AdvertisementFagone used to describe professional eating as such. A contest in eating is the equivalent to a car accident. It is difficult for anyone to look away.The annual Nathans Hot Dog contest. That's right, it's the largest crash on the most dangerous road on live TV.It is unlikely that you will look away.The freak show was held on the Fourth of July as usual. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, competitors ate inside without spectators.Fans will be back today, but not to Surf and Stillwell. A few thousand people will instead be able to watch the Brooklyn Cyclones' minor league home Maimonides Park, as they gorge on food at the park.Miki Sudo has announced recently that she will not be competing in the actual competition. She has won seven consecutive women's titles. Sudo was the woman who set the record for dogs ingested last year with 48.5 The women's competition for dogs is now more open than Kobayashi's throat.AdvertisementJoey Chestnut is the name to remember for men. Jaws broke the men's record by consuming 75 hot dogs in a mere 10 minutes in 2020.Chestnut is the clear favourite to win his 14th Mustard Belt. Can he beat the 2020 world record without A/C indoor comfort?AdvertisementVegas is skeptical. The total Chestnuts over-under is 73.5 dogs and (watered-down) buns.It doesn't matter if he breaks his world record. This car crash will be a spectacle that you'll enjoy. You'll likely enjoy it, as well.AdvertisementEqual bites for WomenThe women's event begins at 11:10 EASTERN on ESPN3 (three yes... three), because Worldwide L eader prefers to air SportsCenter on a holiday day than show female eaters on its main network. The men's competition starts at noon EASTERN guessed it: ESPN.