Ranking Brock Lesnar's 5 Best Matches from the Last Decade

4 out of 5 Brock returned to UFC in 2012 as a returning force from UFC. He was a genuine badass who would punish anyone in his path. This began with John Cena at Extreme Rules. Cena was defeated by Lesnar, who bled to death in a manner fans have not seen in seven decades. Cena was bloodied by The Beast, who wiped his blood from his chest and stopped any attempt by Cena to make a comeback. He used the kimura to attack referees. Cena looked dead after Lesnar slammed him on the steel steps. Brock moved to avoid a top-rope drop and Cena fell on the mat below. Lesnar's arrogance got the better of him as he launched himself from the steel steps in the middle of the ring at Cena, who was wearing the apron. The Leader of Cenation rocked Lesnar using a steel chain and delivered an FU to the ring steps, and won the unlikely win. This was the first sign that the Lesnar we were seeing after his return to the company wasn't the Lesnar of eight years ago. He was not about mat wrestling, or showing off his raw athleticism by doing things that men his size did not. He was a smasher. He was a punisher. He was a punisher. He was a different worker. He was a smarter worker. He put in the effort and it didn't matter because his performances were superior to the rest of the company’s talented staff.


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