This space race has its downside' Rocketwoman Wally Funk joins crew for Jeff Bezos's ego trip

Wally Funk, an American pilot, is someone you have to sympathize with. Although you would sympathize with anyone who has that name, she has had a difficult week. At 82, she is ready to fulfill her life's dream and travel to space. Funk was one the most promising female candidates to the Mercury 13 programme in 1960s but was not granted a place due to her gender. Right stuff, wrong parts. Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) announced that Wally would be the oldest person to reach space by becoming one of four passengers aboard New Shepard. The rocket was launched by Blue Origin on Wednesday, 20 July. Funk stated in an interview that he didn't believe he would ever be able to fly up.She was not polite enough to mention the obvious disadvantage: she must ride in UberPool with Bezos, his brother, and one other person. She should have been more specific about the genie. Being a billionaire can do strange things to women, as well. This combination can lead to strange results. Jeff is not content to build his own rockets. He wants to ride them, too, as he approaches sixty. Towers and yachts seem so passe. Private space travel is the future. Elon Musk, presumably with a bunch of Chinese guys, is also involved in private space travel.Jeff sells around $1bn worth of Amazon stock each year to fund his ventures. This is similar to how others might save for a weekend at the golf course. Jeff said that once you reach this level of capital, there is a limit to what you can spend your money on. This is true even if you only have hobbies. Many billionaires have proven that creativity is possible with large sums of money. Bill Gates, a billionaire, created a pandemic last year to justify injecting everyone in 5G-enabled nanobots for mind-control.Sir Richard Branson, the English entrepreneur, responded to Bezos' announcement by saying that he would fly up on his Virgin Galactic ship SpaceShipTwo nine days ahead of Jeff and co. Branson is the worst ego-spaceflight tycoon. Virgin Galactic was established in 2004 and has a reputation of being a company of incompetents.Although the 2014 death of pilot Michael Alsbury was the low point, Galactic has always overpromised but under delivered. Branson sounds like a high school friend who isn't quite ready to face the world and instead dreams up unrealistic goals.He will soon be retraining as a reflexologist before we know it. Virgin Homeopathic. His flight on 11 July will not technically take him into space. It will only fly very high in the sky. EasyJet would have been more affordable. Branson stated that my mum taught me to never lose heart and to aim for the stars. Richard, I believe it was a metaphor.This is a unique point in evolutionary history. It was against their will that the first monkeys to reach space. The most powerful and privileged monkeys in the universe are now fighting for this chance. These men are determined to replace human workers with robots at work. In their spare time, they insist on engaging in leisure activities that should be performed by robots.Jeff Bezos makes about $1bn annually selling Amazon stock to finance Blue Origin, his space company. Photo by John Locher/APIt's pretty boring, as far as cock-offs are concerned. They aren't doing much when they get there. Jeff isn't going to the moon, or fixing the solar panels at the space station. He's sat down for a while. I don't know what metaphor is better for capitalism than sitting on a chair topped by billions of dollars of employees labour that looks like a penis and that could explode at any time. Wally didn't thoroughly research Amazon's labour dispute history before she agreed to ride on Jeffs LaZ-Bomb.The fourth passenger on Bezos' mission is still unknown at the time of this writing. We know that they purchased the ticket at an auction for $28 million. Wally must be worried. It is clear that there is a perfect British candidate. He is used to paying high prices for travel and is not averse to eccentric billionaires. Prince Andrew, you are in luck.