Dean Muhtadi FKA Mojo Rawley Landed Acting Gig, Gunning to Be Next 'Rock'

Gunning To Be The Next "Rock"Watch video content at"I think a good number of professional wrestlers (maybe 69%), want to be The Rock when it's all over."Dean Muhtadi, formerly Mojo Rawley in WWE -- told TMZ Sports that he is getting into acting in a way that only he can.Muhtadi was offered a part in "Snake Eyes, G.I." Joe Origins -- starring Henry Golding -- is set to be released July 23.(Muhtadi is fighting the guy in the trailer with the chain.Dean, who said he wants to get back into pro wrestling in future, also enjoyed a cup with the Green Bay Packers... Muhtadi claims that acting in action scenes is physically very difficult."I'm not going to lie. It was like watching a football match on pay-per view. We had a great time," Dean says."Henry was a phenomenal man to work with. He was very humble and down to earth.Dean's first major acting gig was Snake Eyes... but he doesn’t see it as his last.It was a great experience. "I look forward to more of this in the future."Dwayne, watch your back! You can!