Fourth of July Fireworks Show at National Mall Costs $280k

America is returning to normality in everyday life, and the country is turning to a long-standing tradition: spending hundreds of thousands on fireworks.According to federal financial records obtained by TMZ, the National Park Service will put on the upcoming aerial fireworks display at Washington D.C.'s National Mall at a cost $278,500.Garden State Fireworks is the company that cashes the check. Although it might sound expensive, it's really just part of the deal.We reported previously that the same fireworks company was paid $270k for 2018, but Trump increased the amount to $320k in 2019. Trump wanted the show to be even more spectacular.The event was moved to Mount Rushmore last year amid the pandemic. A company called PyroSpectaculars received $350k for the display.Watch video content 1/20/21Garden State Fireworks will be back on July 4, though they did the President's Inauguration as well.The total cost of Fourth of July in D.C. will likely be much higher than $280k. This is because of expenses such as security, planning and, yes, toilets.