Kodak Black Gifts Air Conditioning Units to Housing Project Residents

Watch video content at TMZ.comKodak Black isn't feeling the heat anymore so he wants some help from the Florida housing developers... in the shape of air conditioners.Kodak purchased 100 A.C. units at a cost of $12,500 and moved them to Pompano Beach's Golden Acres Projects. The units were delivered door-to-door by Kodak, who presented the residents with a cool gift.Florida in July can be a hot and humid place. It's currently in the 80s with 79% humidity. But, those numbers will increase as the summer progresses.Kodak brought tears to some residents. It's not something they would have expected from someone who wanted to do a good thing. But for anyone who lives here in Florida during the Summer, it's a blessing.He is very popular in Florida right now... June 11th in Broward County is Kodak Black Day.Francky Pierre, the founder of Philanthropic Work and Outreach, provided assistance to Kodak with the A.C.You may recall that Kodak was granted a commutation by then-President Trump at the request of his lawyer Bradford Cohen. This was in large part due to his charitable work.