Use your phone to make it cooler with the Google Nest smart thermostat on sale for $88

You might be still using a traditional thermostat. The privilege is available without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Google launched a low-cost version of its Nest Thermostat last year. It's a great option and has proven to be reliable over time. Amazon has the Snow-colored version on sale for $87.99 today. Other colors, including Fog, Sand, and Charcoal are also on sale for just $99.98. Although it isn't quite the $42 savings of the Snow, it's still $30 less than the thermostat's $130 regular price, which it rarely changes from.Google Nest smart programmable thermostat snow Cool! It's intelligent enough to shut down when you leave, so it doesn’t waste energy in an empty house. Your smartphone app can help you create an energy-efficient schedule. You can even get advice to save money in the future. Amazon: $87.99 $130.00 $42 OffThe Nest Thermostat E is the next closest product, and it's easy to see how they stack up. The Thermostat E is not available anywhere for such a low price. You can even find it at Home Depot for $170.This Nest Thermostat is not as advanced as other models. Because it lacks the learning technology that Nests are famous for, you'll have to manually set your schedule. It can't be used with remote sensors to monitor other rooms in your home.The thermostat is a great way to make your life easier. The thermostat can be used with the Google Home app for Android or iOS. This will give you instructions and help to set it up. It can be used to create a schedule, or to search for ways to save even more money. The app can suggest tweaks that will help you cut down on energy waste and energy costs. HVAC monitoring will notify you when there is an issue and send you a notification.You can also control the temperature from anywhere as long as your device is connected to the app. You shouldn't have to get out of bed just because you want to adjust the temperature. It can be controlled by your family. You can check it from any location using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. It can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.