How to Spot and Treat a Chlorine Rash

Photo by Kateryna Manyova ( Shutterstock)When you stop to think about it, pools are quite disgusting. Even though we might not like the idea of swimming in chemicals, chlorine is probably better than any other chemical that would be stewed in there. While chlorine is essential and necessary, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't enjoy its pungent smell or the effects it has on our skin.AdvertisementYour biggest skin concern if you swim in an outdoor pool is likely to be the UV-rays. It should be. Even with lots of sunscreen, your skin may feel tightened, dry and flaky after you get out of the pool. It could be from chlorine. Some people react more strongly to chlorine than others, resulting in a rash. Here's how to recognize and treat chlorine rashes.What is a chlorosis?First, let's clarify: A rash caused by chlorine is not an indication that you are allergic to it, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.The rash is actually called irritant dermatology, which is a kind of chemical burn and is caused due to hypersensitivity to chlorine. It turns out that chlorine is a natural irritation, which is why you feel your skin so tight after swimming. The ACAAI also notes that chlorine can aggravate dermatitis.What does a chlorine rash look?ACAAI states that a typical chlorine rash is at least one of these wonderful symptoms:Contact site may cause skin redness, tenderness or inflammation.Skin lesions and rashScales and crusts on the skinHivesWhat is the best way to treat a chlorine rash.The ACAAI suggests treating a chlorine rash in the same way as other skin irritations or sensitivities. This is to wash the area with water and try to get rid of any traces of the irritant. In this instance, it would be pool water.If your case is more serious, it's a good idea for you to visit your allergist or doctor. Your healthcare provider may recommend a corticosteroid treatment depending on your situation. However, this must be used as directed. Your practitioner might recommend Benadryl as an antihistamine if hives are present.Another reason to take a quick shower after you get out of the pool is to clean up.