Letters to the Editor: The difference between animals eating meat and humans eating meat

In March 2020, cows will eat at a Pixkley dairy farm, Calif. Los Angeles TimesTo the Editor: A July 2 print edition contained a short letter from a reader stating that he would go vegan if wolves or cougars also go vegan. Is the writer of the letter planning to kill the animal he wants to eat and then eat it raw.For ethical and environmental reasons, vegetarians abstain from eating meat. Factory farming of animals requires huge amounts of water and leaves behind toxic effluent. This is an enormous contributor to climate change due to the excess release of carbon dioxide or methane into our atmosphere.A fast-food burger made from cows that grazed in South and Central America's former rainforest cannot be equated to a wolf or other cougar killing a wild deer and eating it.Santa Barbara, Daniel Diamond..Editor's Note: Human brain's frontal lobe is much more sophisticated than that of wolves and cougars when it comes decision making.Elizabeth Taylor, GlendaleThis story first appeared in Los Angeles Times.